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We accept the following file formats : .obj, .3ds, .lwo, .stl, .dxf, and .c4d files.

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How many times have you wished you could turn your 3D model into a real part, one that you could hold in your own hands and show to family, friends and co-workers? Many commercial companies already make use of this technology to create prototypes for their products. For instance, companies that sell gift basket products must purchase unique containers to make their products stand out from the crowd. Containers can range from large typical baskets to keepsake chests, attaches, dual compartment wine totes, to specialized compartment boxes. The container manufacturers will often make a 3D prototype so the gift basket companies can choose which styles they want made. Most buyers prefer the 3 dimensional model rather than a flat illustration. Now the same technology is available for the general public. If you are creating a nuanced model- 3D is always best to give your client the best view from all angles. Any furniture piece, flower arrangement, champagne gift basket or even stuffed animal will be easier to have an understanding of what will be produced if it is a 3 dimensional model even if the model is produced at a far smaller scale than that actual object.

I have a friend who recently returned from a successful climb of Mt McKinley, also known as by its native name Denali. He had worn a North Face fleece Denali hoodie for part of his climb. He so loves that North Face jacket, well actually everything made by North Face. Just a point of interest: Denali happens to be the highest mountain peak in North America, with a summit elevation of 20,237 feet above sea level. My friend was so thrilled with his climb he wanted to memorialize it with a 3D replica of his Denali North Face jacket! He is so crazy. Well, we were able to accommodate his request. We can’t wait till he climbs Mt Everest.

Maybe you’re familiar with Rapid Prototyping technology and were shocked at the price of the equipment or the price that companies charge to make parts.

As our name implies we offer the opportunity to turn your 3D art (don’t kid yourself, 3D modeling is an art) into a real physical part. We specialize in making this an affordable reality for the 3D modeling community by utilizing the latest in cost effective 3D printers to produce nearly any geometry your imagination can come up with.

3D Modelers- “Check This Out!” Suellen Hozman Facial Vision

Clients must have satisfied all copyright issues and own or have the right to print (including physical models), publish or reproduce files (images, 3D meshes, etc.) that they send to 3D Art to Part.

Quote Info

Prior to placing an order you must submit your 3D file so that we can provide a price quote. In order to provide you with the lowest possible prices we need to accurately determine the amount of material that will be used in the construction of your part as well as its dimensional volume.

We make it very easy to obtain a price quote, when you are ready, follow the steps below. You will be guided through the process of selecting and uploading up to five files.
If your files are large and you do not have high speed internet access, you may want to upload one file at a time and receive a separate quote for each one. We will e-mail you a quote within one working day or if we find errors or file problems we will notify you via e-mail with a description of the problem so that you may attempt to fix it.

We are currently accepting files in .3ds, .lwo, .c4d, and .stl formats. Most programs will export to one of these formats. Please be aware that .stl files can be very large.
We are trying to expand the types of file formats that we can work with and if you cannot export to one of the listed types, then let us know and we will see if we can convert your file.
If your files are large and you do not have high speed internet access, you may want to compress the files (zip, sit) or upload the files separately by requesting a quote for each individual file.