About Us

About Us
We are a small group of 3D modeling and animation enthusiasts located in Northern California. We began 3D Art To Part in order to provide affordable physical concept models to the 3D community. We hope that you enjoy the fruits of your modeling efforts taking physical shape.

Our backgrounds are varied as well as the jobs we have held over the past 200 years, that is, if you add all our years working together. For instance, 4 of us have graduated from art schools with degrees in industrial art. Industrial Design (ID) is about a lot more just the designing of commercial products. It involves looking at innovative ways to use creative thinking and the design process itself to do things better. Years of creating 3D mock-ups and models to working on prototypes seems to lead pretty easily to 3D modeling. Three of us have degrees in Design Engineering which is different from Industrial Design. Design engineers are the ones who “Make it work!” where as industrial designers often are more concerned with the aesthetics and improving the usability of products. We have several folks here who I would say are both Design engineers and industrial designers.

More than a dozen of us have art school backgrounds, although there are those of us with no formal art backgrounds as well. We have illustrators, fine artists, and animators among our ranks. We’ve worked at loads of odd jobs to pay the rent and put food on the table as well as be able to afford art supplies. Two of us worked in Las Vegas as “muscle” for the company. That experience came in handy as we have helped out to move not only ourselves, but friends numerous times. We still hire ourselves out to help move folks, but we are no longer part of Oasis Moving Storage. I happened to work for awhile in Australia within the Australian property investment marketing, but famous for her extensive gardens near Sydney. I happened to work as a gardener’s assistant for several months and it was a great gig. The gardens are private most of the year, but there is an annual garden showcase tour where she opens her lovely landscaped property to the public. If you’re ever in the Sydney, Australia vicinity, check out the gardens. Now you know who is keeping our office plants happy and healthy.

All of us have all put in time working at bars, waiting on tables, landscaping, picking fruit and / or vegetables, bagging groceries, you name it. I even worked at an online janitorial supply store. I never knew there could be so many different types of folded paper towels. Really? Yes! There is the economical brown or white boardwalk multi-fold paper towels that are affordable, eco-friendly and made from with 65% post-consumer and 35% pre-consumer waste fiber. These are the kind of dispenser type hand towels you find in most public restrooms. Then there are the “green” paper towel products with no chemicals, fragrances, and are made entirely from recycled materials. Finally, there are the higher end multi-fold paper towels that are softer and more absorbent. I always rate the quality of paper towel whenever I use the public restroom.

Not to make it seem as if we are all losers here, those were mainly jobs in our earlier years. Most of us now hold down steady jobs in the creative arts working as employees or as freelancers. A dozen of us have our own companies, although they may be relatively small, sometimes as a lone owner and some with our own employees! Among us, I count industrial designers, art department heads for ad agencies, art department heads for production companies and film companies. We have sculptors, glass blowers, ceramicists, and jewelry designers.

We also have enthusiasts pursuing their own art as none-professionals. We suspect some of you would have become professional artists if certain events in your life had been different. Anyway, as you can see our group of 3D modeling and animation enthusiasts are a mixed bag of creative and innovative individuals with eclectic tastes and sometimes wacky, but brilliant ideas.