1. You’re joking right? How can you make a real part from a 3D file?

We enjoy a good joke, but this is not one of them. We can build some amazingly complex parts using technology collectively called Rapid Prototyping. However, making a bunch of super fleece jackets from North Face for an animated project could be extremely expensive. Since it is easy enough to buy North Face fleece jackets at any number of stores, it would probably be more cost efficient to do so.

2. How much will it cost me to turn my 3D model into a real model?

We will provide you with a price quote for each 3D file before you order, but in general you can expect a 6in. to 8in. tall model to be in the $40 to $120 range. Generally smaller models will cost less than large models with more surface area. Take a look at our “Product Information” page, we show samples along with the price charged for that particular model.

3. Are there parts that you won’t build?

We reserve the right to refuse orders that would be illegal to ship anywhere in the country.

4. Could auto accident lawyersmake use of 3D modeling when reconstructing an accident scene?

It all depends, we wouldn’t rule out anything. Any car accident lawyer will suggest that if you are able, be sure to collect photographs of the following:
Accident Scene
Car Position
Vehicle Damage
Property Damage
Road Conditions
Road Signs
Anything that sheds light on your case which could be tire tracks and skid marks.

And while we are handing out advice, make sure to get the contact information for other drivers involved in the accident. Before you say or sign anything, speak with a car accident attorney in order to organize the details of your accident. Insurance companies will leap at the chance to trip you up, misuse your facts, and leave you with the bills or a very low settlement.

5. How large of a part can you make?

Parts must fit within a 8in. x 8in. x 10in. volume, although your 3D models can be made in sections and then glued together. You would need to submit the 3D file for each piece for us to provide a price quote.

6.How durable are the parts that you make?

The parts receive a post process that makes them durable enough for normal handling and additional finishing, although small thin features are more delicate just like any figure or model commercially available.

7. How accurate are the parts that you make?

The printing process can cause some growth in the mesh, so when modeling parts need to fit together allow for some clearance in both the holes & pegs of your mesh.

8. Why do you need my 3D file to provide a quote?

In order to provide you with the absolute lowest price quote, we need your 3D file to accurately calculate both the actual model volume and the models dimensional envelope.

9. What file formats do you accept?

We are currently accepting files in .obj, .3ds, .lwo, .c4d, .stl , most programs will export to one of these formats. Please be aware that .stl files can be very large. We are in the process of expanding the type of file formats we can work with, and if you cannot export to one of the listed types of formats let us know and we will see if we can convert your file.

10. How do I send you my file for a price quote?

Just click on the Quote button and follow the instructions.

11. My internet connection is slow; can I mail a disk or CD to you?

You sure can, mail your file on 3.5 floppy or CD to us at:
3D Art To Part
2450 Scott Blvd. #306
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Make sure you include an e-mail address so we can send you a quote.

12. Are there any restrictions on model geometry?

We recommend that model geometry not be thinner than about .070 inches (approx. the thickness of a US quarter). It is also important to avoid long thin or very fine geometry like knives or swords. Please see the information on the modeling info page.

13. How well will the part you make match my 3D model?

The process we use is fairly accurate at reproducing model features but very fine detail will usually not reproduce. Please see the information on the modeling info page.

14. I’ve downloaded a 3D model from a website; will you make a part from it for me?

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have the right to use any 3D model file that is sent to us for reproduction.

15. How long will it take to get my part quote?

Quotes are normally provided within a few working days after receiving your request. But can run longer during peak demand times periods, like around the holydays or conventions.

16. What if I want to change my 3D model after you have quoted on it?

You will need to get a new quote.

17. How long will it take to get my order?

We normally ship orders within ten to twelve working days after receipt of the order. Large orders, large parts (that require extra drying time) and orders that arrive during peak demand times, such as holidays, can increase the time in getting your order shipped.
Who will have access to my 3D files?

Only the personnel who need to quote on the file and prepare it for the build process will have access to your file.

19. How do you handle privacy and security issues?

Please see the privacy page for details of our privacy policy. Uploaded files are moved to a secure offline server. Unless otherwise instructed, files are permanently deleted from our system thirty days after order fulfillment or sending a quote which does not result in a order. You may request that we keep a backup of your file for future repeat orders.

20. I have other questions how do I get additional information?

Please feel free to e-mail us at info@3dArtToPart.com or to call us at 1 (800)-677-4435 Mon. thru Fri. 8am to 5pm pacific time.

21. Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Contact us for more information at sales@3darttopart.com

22 Will you mark the package as a gift or the value at $0.00 ?

No, we are unable to do this; we must mark the package at the full value for insurance purposes.