Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
3D Art To Part respects your privacy online. Therefore, all the information you provide us through our web site and online store will never be sold or shared with anyone. Your name, e-mail address and any information gathered during the billing process will be kept for our internal use only. The sole purpose of this information is to process your order and provide better service.

All information and files related to your project are considered confidential. Your project will be held in a secure environment. At no time will any outside parties have access to the details of your project without your permission. Just as you would expect secure and total privacy if you were to apply for payday advances through an online cash advance lender, so too has the web designers of 3D Art To Part created a secure system for its customers.

Although many of our customers prefer to remain anonymous, we do have customers who are more than willing to share their experiences with us. One customer, from Australia gave permission for us to mention her “rave” about our work. “I requested a 3D model of a spray of one of the flowers from my garden to be made so it could be eventually cast in bronze as an ornamental element for a bird bath. The 3D model was perfect, allowing me to actually visualize what the final product would look like. Thanks so much.”

Return Policy
3D Art To Part strives to provide you with the highest quality prototypes possible. However, we realize that sometimes a situation may arise in which you may not be completely satisfied with your deliverables. If that occurs due to our error, please contact our main office within one week of receipt at 1-800-677-4435 or Customer Support To address your concerns we will typically offer one of the following resolutions: repair of the unsatisfactory part or exchange of the part for a new one made from the original file. Be aware that our products are custom made for your specific project, and therefore are nonrefundable.

Security Policy
Uploaded files are moved to a secure offline server. Unless otherwise instructed, files are permanently deleted from our system thirty days after order fulfillment or sending a quote which does not result in a order. You may request that we keep a backup of your file for future repeat orders.

Clients must have satisfied all copyright issues and own or have the right to print (including physical models), publish or reproduce files (images, 3D meshes, etc.) that they send to 3D Art to Part.
For detailed information on copyright laws go to
Copyright owners can report alleged infringements to us at or call (408) 980-8022. You must accurately identify the work where the alleged infringement has occurred. You must provide us with a reasonable way to contact you, e-mail address, phone number or physical address. You must also provide us with a good faith statement that the materials identified by the alleged infringement were not authorized be the copyright owner and state that the information is in this statement is accurate under penalty of perjury.