Just to be clear, we can not be held responsible if issues arise with your 3DArt that requires a redo due to a glitch in the original files you send us. Therefore the quotes given are with the assumption there will be no unusual hiccups in the process. Payment must be made in a timely fashion. We recently had a person who creating cz rings and other fantastic pieces of jewelry made from cubic zirconia for a gallery opening. We were in the middle of finishing his multiple 3D artwork prototypes for the cubic zirconia jewelry when he was unable to pay his final invoice since apparently his structured settlement agreement was a “period certain” type settlement. We stopped work. I mention this incident because we try very hard to give a quote that is not only reasonable, but also realistic. We expect in turn to be dealing with folks who are able to pay their bills once they commit to a project. Consequently we are now insisting for full payment up front before any final 3D artwork is shipped.

To quote on your project we will need the following:
(This information is for quoting purpose only and is not sold or given to anyone)
For more information view Quote Information.
Your e-mail address so we have a means of communicating with you. E-mails also leave a paper trail so i ncase of any misunderstandings, everything has been written and sent via email. If you should call, the essential point of the phone call will be sent in an email to confirm that everyone is on the same page.

(The given address is where the quote will be sent)
In the boxes below you will need to type the location of your file, or click the browse button to locate and select the files you wish to have quoted. Due to bandwidth issues you are limited to 10Meg per file.

“Fixed Price” We will provide the maximum model volume size for that price, shipping not included.

Shipping address needed only to calculate shipping charges.
(It is not required to receive a quote.)
We ship all U.S. Shipments UPS Ground unless requested otherwise, and are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes.
We are located in California USA, International Shipments can be expensive, we highly
recommend getting the shipping charges quoted.
International Shipments also require a phone number for delivery.

After you have selected your files and enter your shipping information press the upload button. That’s it! You should receive your quote in one to three working day.
NOTE: You can view your upload progress with your web browser progress bar. When the files have been uploaded you will automatically be transferred to the “Upload Report” page to see what files were uploaded and the file size.